Easter - What does it represent for you?

Easter - What does it represent for you?

When holidays come along that are rooted in deeply religious practices but have become a commercial marketing extravaganza I like to sit back and think about what that particular holiday means to me. 

As a kid going to Catholic School I could never understand what Jesus and resurrection had to do with a random bunny hiding chocolate eggs.  I also didn't pay attention very much and thought that Pontious Pilot had a plane and couldn't figure out why people trudged around with donkeys and didn't just fly where they needed.  So the confusion was understandable - figured I just missed an important bit somewhere!

The one thing that is a common thread through all the years are the painted and decorated eggs.  My step dads' mom was from the Ukraine and made the most amazing eggs with wax as a resist  different colors of dye.  They would be carefully poked and the insides blown out, shells cleaned, and then decorated and displayed. Each one was a miniature work of art.  I tried to make some and they really didn't work well - like not at all.  It is a true artform. 

At home we would use the standard Easter Egg dye kits.  My mom would make these intricate diorama scenes using sugar and icing and miniature woodland creatures as part of her cake decorating business.  There was always Easter baskets and a big dinner. 

When my kids were young we continued with the dying of Easter eggs.  We experimented with different processes, I even tried natural dyes and flower pressing on them!  

When I started learning about earth based religions the bunny and the eggs made WAY more sense.  I still enjoy the celebration of the season and the modern traditions that have evolved out of it all.  This year I think any reason to celebrate is a good one so if you have already celebrated Ostara I hope it was wonderful.  If you are planning on celebrating Easter I wish you all the peace and joy I can muster.  If you celebrate none of those but love the half price chocolate - make sure you stock up on those damn mini eggs because you know you will be sad when they are gone!!

I would love to hear your thoughts, celebrations, revelations, embarasing child hood stories, etc!

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