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Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

In this collection you will find a variety of crystal jewelry secured... 

Workshop Offerings

As we all learn how to exist in this new world we will be slowly starting to offer workshops once again. Please keep your eyes out for the following offerings

  • Trans/Non Binary Retreat

    We will be hosting a retreat for Trans and Non Binary individuals. This will be a safe space for sharing and healing and ceremony.

  • Meditation Nights

    All meditation events are by donation to give all individuals a chance to particiapte.

  • Journal Making

    Learn how to create your own journal or Book of Shadows. you can customisze the size, color, and number of pages.

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    We are focused on being open and available to all people who are searching for any form of spirituality. If we can't help we will find it for you.

  • Weddings

    Did you know that we also are licensed to officiat weddings? Always your way with your vision - just reach out and we can help you dream.

  • Drum Making

    Another passion is to teach you how to make your own tools - drums, rattles, journals, runes- really anything we make we will teach you to do the same!

  • Meditation Beads

    Using meditation beads and creating a set are two different experiences - both are very valid. We invite you to explore how this tool can be of use in our life.